Home Playstation Forum why is the ps3 site undergoing maitnence, and for how long?

why is the ps3 site undergoing maitnence, and for how long?


ok, i was signing in (haven’t for like ever) and it told me i had to change my password, it sent me a email so i got on my pc and checked it, clicked on the link, and it said the site is currently undergoing maintenece

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  1. The site itself — playstation.com — is currently under maintenance for those of you who haven’t actually visited the site itself recently to try and login. I’m not sure why it’s under maintenance myself, but it is getting rather annoying, considering it was just up a few days ago and now it’s back down again. It’s possibly due to the finishing touches on getting all PSN services back up and running, but that’s just a guess. I say wait a couple more days, or you can call Sony for further assistance: 1-800-345-SONY

  2. I changed my password last week via my pc so not sure why yours is saying that?

    Try using your actual ps3 to change the password

  3. Its not under maintenance as far as I know. There is no notice on Sonys twitter or the Blog. You can change the password from your PS3

    Turn on your PS3

    Go to Sign In on the XMB

    Enter your sign-in ID and current password, and then select

    Select OK from the screen that prompts your to change your password

    Follow the on-screen instructions to change your password.

    After you have changed your password, you will be able to sign in to PlayStation Network.

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