Home Xbox Forum why wont my xbox 360 read this disc?

why wont my xbox 360 read this disc?


I was playing mass effect and one of my sisters friends knocked over my xbox. It made a noise like the disk was flying around. And I turned it off then turned it back on to check the disk. It seems fine but the xbox wont play the game. It’ll start loadng but when it gets to the main menu it says the disk is either dirty or scratched and cant be read.but all my other games work fine. Will my xbox never read this game again or is it just the disk?

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  1. The disc is scratched. Its probably a ring shape and might be near the edge so you don’t see it. You’ll need a new disc

  2. When the Xbox is moved while the disc is spinning it creates a circular scratch that cannot be fixed. It’s the disc, not the Xbox.

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