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Will GTA be on the PS4?


Will Grand Theft Auto be on the Play Station 4? How long will it take for them to release it on the PS4?

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  1. Rockstar said they had no intention of putting it on the next generation consoles. There is a good chance it won’t be on the PS4.

  2. sadly no it will not be on ps4 i just bought the new ps3 gta 5 bundle for 270 and im happy i did because the ps4 is a lot more money and not all the games i love are not on it and gat 5 will only be on ps3 and xbox 360

  3. Hold on all of those answers are wrong look:

    Sony revealed during its PlayStation 4 announcement that the PS4’s cloud service would be provided by Gaikai and that the two companies intend to deliver several cloud-based capabilities on the PS4.

    Backwards CompAtibility

    While the PS4 hardware is not natively backward compatable, Gaikai has express interest in providing legacy PlayStation titles on PS4 through Gaikai’s cloud streaming service. This service has not been explicitly outlined or confirmed by Sony, but Dave Perry, Gaikai’s founder, has stated that Gaikai’s technology “is so advanced that some day we could easily [run] PS1, PS2, PS3 and the PS Mobile games on any device, including the PlayStation 4.”[1]

    Visit IGN’s Backward Compatability wiki to learn more about backward compatibility on the PS4.

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