Home Xbox Forum will this keep my xbox 360 from getting the RROD?

will this keep my xbox 360 from getting the RROD?


today i opened my xbox 360 to mod it a little bit. i went to staples and bought a tube of arctic silver 5 so i can add it to the 360’s processor. isn’t the reason of the xbox overheating due to the processor not transferring heat properly? will adding arctic silver lessen my chance of getting the RROD. and i don’t want to hear that xbox 360 suck. i would choose 360 over ps3 any day.

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  1. I would just leave it as is.and if one day it does get RROD, then go ahead and try to fix. There are plenty of fixes, the penny one works (my friend did on his console)

  2. To what I have heard the RROD is due to the poor solder connections and heat problems so unless the silver will prevent heat build up or collect it in a safe point I do not think it will do much of anything. The better thing to do would probably be to install more fans inside as a way to keep the system cool.

    But since you opened it up you have voided your warranty so now if you DO get the RROD you might have problems when sending it back to Microsoft for repairs.

    I personally love the 360 and play it for hour at a time; never experiences it myself but I know others who have. So my other advice is to tell you to keep the system off the carpet, preferably on a wooden or similar surface; keep it away from vents or windows (the sun coming it) and try not to play for too long – if the game starts freezing, etc, you better stop playing for a while. And I don’t really think installing games on the hard drive helps ease you “stress” on the system either.

  3. I may have just been lucky but I have had my console since launch and have never gotten the RROD. Like you I opened it up to mod it but I left it open (I covered it with the body panels to keep out dust but didn’t attach them). I keep it in my basement where it is always cool, and it is sitting out in the open so it gets a lot of airflow. I think the RROD is caused by a combination of problems that are all caused by overheating, so as long as you keep it cool you should be alright. I don’t think the arctic silver will help any, and you are more likely to mess something else up while applying it.

  4. Daniel I have PERSONALLY fixed Xbox 360 with RRoD and have a couple friends that do the same thing. to answer your qeustion YES I and my friends always use arctic silver to replace the bad thermal compound microsoft used. I have yet to see one we fixed break after that was replaced

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