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XBOX 360 Arcade– XBOX Live?


I am not sure what I need so I am hoping that someone can help me out. I am looking to buy an XBOX 360. Walmart has one, as well as gamestop, for $199.99 that is the XBox 360 Arcarde. I want to be able to get one XBOX live so that I can play with friends. I will need to get the wireless netword adapter, but other than that what else do I need to get in order to use XBOX live? Do I have to get the memory card right away?

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  1. u dont need a memory card lol, xbxo live is when you play online with diffrent people, you need to buy a xbox live subscription:

    1 month=7 bucks

    3 moths=19.99

    1yr= 60 bucks

    and then with the wirless network adapter you dont need anything else

    oh but you have to have wifi to use that

    i dont suggest getting the arcade, you should get the pro better deal:

    60gb of memory(trillions of games lol)

    plays original xbox games

    comes with more stuff

    chrome trim

    its better

  2. This is what u should get:


    -Xbox 360

    -Standard Definition Composite AV cables

    -256MB internal memory

    -5 Arcade Games

    *60GB Live Starter Pack-$100

    -60GB hard drive disk

    – Wired Headset

    -Ethernet Cable

    -3 Month Xbox Live Subscription Card

    This is what I bought last Friday, plus Halo 3. Great deal, BETTER than a Pro. Basically this is what u get with a Pro, but Pros’ don’t have a 3 Month Xbox Live Card. So get what I did. Also, most Arcades out there have the Jasper motherboard(reduced RROD%), while Pros with Japsers aren’t so common.

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