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Xbox 360 Disk Tray Problem?


everytime i put in a game it just says open tray i tried all my games even the one i got 2 days ago but all of them dont work on it just says open tray even though theres a game in it is there a way to fix it without sending to microsoft. P.S there all real games no international games and burnt copys

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  1. sounds like its the laser cant read the discs any more srry but only a profesional can fix that send it to microsoft. hope you stilll have warrenty

  2. yeah it sounds like your laser burned out, I repair xbox 360’s so if you’re interested in me taking a look at your xbox and giving you a price to fix it.

    I can either replace the laser or order you a brand new dvd drive.

    email me at [email is not allowed] if you’re intersted

  3. ya mine used to do that when it was up right i suggest laying it on its side an trying again it fixed my problem now mine works both ways

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