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Xbox 360 help nothin big just a question about the graphics.?


Well my birthday is in 3 days and so far i got 350$ i know ill get 100-200 $ more by then.But anyway i am going to buy a xbox 360 elite.(plz dont put stuff like no no buy this buy that because this question is just for xbox nothing else)And the problem is my t.v isnt like 30 years old.It is just like not old but its only 32 inches big.I was wondering if i would still get some decsent graphics on the t.v.All i want is better then ps2 graphics.Thank you!

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  1. The graphics remain the same on any tv you play it on. the only difference is the clarity, sharpness, and hd brings out the more detail. i play on a 20 in sdtv and it looks great, way better than the ps2. trust me there is nothing to worry about get it you will love it.

  2. It will look fine and anyway in a few years you may have an hdtv so enjoy your birthday and the Elite.

  3. Well xbox 360 elitle has great graphics.but the graphics mostly depend on the game although even with the worst game with lame graphics have WAY better graphics on an xbox 360 elitle if not check your tv settings!Good luck and Happy early Birthday!

  4. Even without HD, the 360 will stil have MUCH better graphics than PS2. Now obviously depending on the game itself this will fluctuate a bit, but essentially there will be little to no comparison. HD does make a huge difference, as could having a new or newer TV (as they could potentially just have a better picture, even if not HD). But you should be pleased. I have had a 360 since launch, I just got an HDTV this past February. I was more than satisfied before that. Hope this helps, and I hope you enjoy your 360.

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