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xbox 360 issues?


Alright I need a little help from the box 360 users. My xbox won’t read any games, the tray won’t open it will still open but you have to hit it a few times. I’ve asked around and people said to get a dvd laser lens cleaner but somebody told me that disk can also mess up the xbox because of the brush

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  1. You see i have the xbox 360 slim, the newer models and I’m not sure what to do. Somebody just told me to use that disk and my problems will be solved

  2. i had an old 360 i sold last year on ebay and mine had similar issues. because of that, i always just kept a game in the disc drive and kept it flat on the table, not standing up.

    look on the discs to see if there’s any scratches on them and you may need to get them cleaned somewhere. if you have a disc replay near you, they do it for a small fee.

    but, look on youtube for how to open the tray if it gets stuck, there’s a way where you can just take off the faceplate, and with a paper clip or small screw driver or needle, there’s a button in a hole you can press to force it open, like you can with the computer disc tray.

    sometimes, i found that using the controller works better after a couple tries then the actual eject button on the 360.

    i had an old elite though, not the newer 360 models, but i’m sure it’s the same methods.

    look on youtube for how to videos.

  3. Well, the DVD lens cleaner certainly won’t make things any worse, but it’s unlikely to fix the problem either.

    What’s likely happened is your DVD player’s mechanisms are gunked up with dust and can no longer move.

    There are 3 ways to fix this:

    1: Call Microsoft and send them the Xbox for repairs. (they’ll probably charge about $50 if your warranty is up.)

    2: Open the Xbox yourself and try to clean the DVD drive’s mechanisms.

    3: Open the Xbox yourself and replace the drive with one from another Xbox 360.

    Note that opening your Xbox should only be done if you’re experienced with working on electronic devices, such as the inside of your computer. It is very easy to break something, which is why Microsoft will not accept an Xbox for repair if you’ve opened it for any reason.

    Even then, neither of your home repairs are guaranteed to work, meaning at some point you’ll just have to buy a new Xbox. Perhaps a Xbox 1 if the Xbox 360 games you want to play are part of the Xbox 1’s backwards compatibility feature

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