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xbox 360 system (used)?


For christmas this year i am looking to buy an xbox 360 system from game-stop. And i really need some tips, im considering buying the arcade version with a 20g hard drive, or a used xbox 360 pro. Which is the better choice, and if i do buy the 360 what are some essentials i might need, i would be really thankful if you could include a price total comparison THANKS! Happy Holidays

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  1. buy the cheapeast console and buy a 60-180 gb harddrive with it if you want to play on xbox live. the 3 essential games:

    1. Halo 3

    2. Gears of war 2

    3. Gta 4

  2. The arcade doesn’t come with a 20 gb hard drive. The 360 that came with the 20 gb used to be the premium, but MS upgraded the 20 gb to a 60 gb.

    Get the arcade for 199.99, and then go to [url is not allowed]. and get the refurbished 20 gb hard drive and 3 month of XBL for only 30 bucks.

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