Home Xbox Forum xbox live automatically turns off?! PLEASE help!?

xbox live automatically turns off?! PLEASE help!?


right generaly i’ve had problems with xbox live but now im near breaking point.

but at the moment xbox live works ok when im on the dashboard and everything, but when i put a game in, it gets to just before the main menu and xbox live just randomly disconnects?!?

then ill run diagnostics then it come up saying that it IS now connected.

this will also happen if i just go back to the dashboard.

but if i put a dvd in then it will stay on xbox live.

and sometimes after i’ve put a game in then gone back to the dashboard, it says that some content is not available, e.g. marketplace

any help would be greatly appreciated because i’ve just bought far cry 2 and its driving me nuts not being able to play it online!

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  1. I’ve had a similar problem when I was in my apartment. Do you live in an apartment or dorm? Somewhere where your internet is monitored? If so, with the high speeds of internet that Xbox uses, the local server may shut down because your net is running too fast. I dunno if this is the problem or not, but if you can, talk with the company or whoever gives you your internet and inform them about the xbox.

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