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Xbox One or Ps4? Pls help. Its real important for me (no fanboys pls)?


Im starting a gaming channel and i need help on which to choose. Its very hard for me.

Xbox One Operating system uses more ram then the ps4. 3>1 (rumor ps4 might use 3.5 ram for its os). Even though the Xbox One is uses more ram it more user friendly imo. Also even though Xbox one has less exclusive games there line up is much better.

PS4 Operating system is good but to me it looks like a cluster * but the good part it uses less ram which means more ram for developers to use for games. That means graphics will be slightly higher on PS4. In real life tho you probably won’t see the difference tho. Ps4 also has good exclusive and they have one of my favorite game developers Naughty Dogs.

Also I don’t care about price so that not a big reason.

So here’s my problem stay with something I know and love out of an os or completely something new.

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  1. The online is better on Xbox. Don’t listen to the people who tell you the graphics are better on PS4. The graphics will be exactly the same on both.

  2. PS4 uses less RAM because it has DDR5 RAM compared to Xbox’s DDR3 RAM and considering that Microsoft used high end PC’s to show the games that will be one the new xbox rather than using their actual console, i would go with the ps4

  3. Look it really, at the end, depends on the games you like to play. PS4 has more powerful RAM but 3.5GB of it is used for the operating system but the Xbox One has 8GB for the games. Both consoles can play games at almost identical rates. So either Halo, Forza and Minecraft or Kill Zone, Gran Turismo and God of War.

  4. reason to go with xbox one

    1)new kinect

    2)more exclusive

    3)special games halo,gears of wars etc.

    4)has more digital feature

    reason to go with ps4

    1)new controller with touch pad

    2)more powerful than xbox one in case of gpu

    3)special games god of war

    4)no need to pay for game dvr

    as xbox one need gold for game dvr

    now decision is yours

  5. PS4 is better for gaming, but the Xbox One is good if you want to watch TV or Skype etc. I’d go with the PS4, better graphics, exclusives, more RAM

  6. If you plan to upload gameplay videos regularly, you should get xbox one since xbox usually gets the DLC map packs earlier than other consoles

  7. The quality will only be as good on the viewers end as high as their screens/phones/TVs will allow it. Pick what u want. Only pc ppl will cry over quality, console viewers won’t know the difference imo when watching on basic laptops or phones.

  8. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are increasingly difficult to tell apart, but Sony’s system is still the better pick for gamers.

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