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Im a girl, I just got a Xbox 360 But I don’t know what games to buy. I have gta , lips and assassins creed I don’t really get assassins creed though its confusing.

Any suggestions? x
I like the sims but you can’t get that on xbox?

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  1. Try getting guitar hero 5 or world tour. or rock band. music games are big with girls (you might think im stereotyping but im serious) then there was a new lips that recently came out which is pretty cool

  2. well left 4 dead 2 just came out which is realy fun and a great game.

    if you like surving the zombie apocolypse this game is it! i have it its awesome!

    the first one is awesome as well.

    gears of war 1&2 are awesome games as well.

    half life 2 is awesome which i recomend getting the orange box which has

    half life 2,half life expansions and portal which is fun and team fortress 2 which is online only.

    Hitman blood money is a great game realy fun and i cant stop playing.

    i own all the others which are great too.

    if you like RPGS then oblivion,dragon age orgins,fallout 3(< - that game is awesome) anyways find types of games that suite you and im sure you will find ones youll like. 😉

  3. maybe you will like some of the sims games

    eh or fight night i know your a girl but sometimes you need to take your anger out so get it and beat up Ali nothing feels better x

  4. You really just gotta look for games that suit your gaming needs. Some ppl only like first person shooters, some like real time strategy, racing, roleplaying. It really is up to you and what kinda games you like.

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