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How do i reflash xbox 360?


My friends XBOX which hs a BenQ, has iXtreme 1.6 installed and he would like me to update it to iXtreme 1.61. I have the original firmware, as i used iPrep. If there is a way to reflash it using iPrep, or some sort of DOS, that would be great! iPrep is so quick and easy. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Personally, I use JungleFlash, but use what you use.

    Yes, as long as you kept the original drive key and the new key and all of the required information, you should be able to just upgrade to 1.61, though I don’t know if iPrep works the same as JungleFlash.

  2. yes. the process is similar with the iXtreme flashing process as long as you have your correct and original DVD key.

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