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MLB 2K10 Hitters vs Pitchers Gameplay Trailer [HD]


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MLB 2K10 Hitters vs Pitchers Gameplay Trailer [HD]


  1. one question 🙂 i never played a baseball game before cause here in austria they dont got baseball games. So when you hit the ball is the player run automatic or manuell ? 

  2. MLB 2K's pitching and hitting controls are ridiculous and unnecessary! Ever heard of player A.I.?

    These are just two of the many features of this game that gives it an arcade like look and feel. Pass!

    Can you imagine how bad this game must look on the Wii and PS2? Tragic!

  3. this game is starting to get on my fucking nerves i'm trying to get the zac greinke and tim lincecum, and all those other great pitcher's playing cards, but i cant get them in a play now game to hit 3 homeruns off of, tips?

  4. this game doesnt even work for me on xbox live anymore it freezes at loading screen of start up after its done downloading it says restoring roster to default then freezes wtf this game is crap 60 bucks to have a frozen screen every time i load on xbox live so to play this game i have to be offline if any knows a solution please help me

  5. Not to be rude…but World Series Baseball 2k3 was more advanced than this….2k literally just bought up the rights to MLB so they could be lazy with their games, change nothing of significance, and bring nothing new or excitiung to the game. They didn't want to do any work for lowly "sports" games, so they bought the rights so they wouldn't have much competition. It's a good thing SCEA actually cares, otherwise baseball games would be total crap. I feel sorry for 360 owners.

  6. Dear, MLB 2k10 Fans and haters

    I am uploading a MLB 2k10 GamePlay Video It will be done within 4 min so check my profile and see a video

  7. how would u know retard u probably havent played it yet so u have no room to talk. ur just sayin that cuz u wanna sound cool on the internet

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