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PS3 or PC?


hi i have 14 years old and i would like to buy a new pc or a ps3.

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  1. I reckon you should buy a ps3 as the only advantage the pc has over the ps3 is better graphics and even that is only just as the best looking game on pc is crysis and the best looking game on ps3 right now is uncharted 2 and u2 has pretty good graphics compared to crysis. Look at games like god of war 3, kilzone 2 etc. Also ps3 has better games then pc or at least that’s what i reckong i mean look at games like heavy rain, u2, god of war 3, mag, mgs4 and many more.And plus ps3 is getting playstation move along with 3d tv’s and these days consoles are less like consoles and are more like pc’s having mostly all the features that a pc has. For instance the ps3 just got an update yesterday called 3.40 in which you could edit and upload videos directly from you’r ps3 and same with photos how awesome. For $400 you’re getting a lot as for a pc you’ll be spending $2500 at least to get equivelant features.

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