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Ace Combat Infinity Gameplay (PS3 HD)


Ace Combat Infinity Gameplay (PS3 HD)


  1. Used to hate the game but once you get used to this it actually pretty good flying with Rafale M Vent D'Ange now

  2. Game takes two fucking years to download. Now I'm stuck on level 3 because I don't have the 300000 damn "credits" to go to the next level! And how the fuck does this game take place in the future when you…yet again…start me out with a shitty ass F-4 airplane from the 50s? Stupid ass game full of dog shit and aids. Uninstalling.

  3. a unica vantagen e pq e 2 anos mais novo do que ace combat assault horizon, poque o ace combat assault horizon e um jogo bem diferenciado,e bote diferenciado nisso,faz esquecer dos defeitos do ace combat de antigamente,mas esse dai,kkkkkkkk faça mil favor em comparaçao dou 9999999999999 para ace combat assault horizon e 0,0 pra esse dai por que esse dai tira todas as jogabildades e criatividades que o ace combat tem, ace combat assault horizpn não tem quem faça melhor!

  4. takes forever to download, need fast internet! (5GB game , 6GB updates) without Ethernet usually will say connection timed out

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