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Battle Vs Chess (battlegrounds) Gameplay part 1 [HD]


playing in battlegrounds mod.. its fun

Battle Vs Chess (battlegrounds) Gameplay part 1 [HD]


  1. Are there any other sets of characters or does one have to pick the light team and one has to pick the dark team? Can both of you pick the dark team?

  2. The king of figthers this ha not for tre meg you love my favorite game this fock has pecimy torkem this love tuis ha time hahahahahahahahaha

  3. Legal, as animações são boas e segue as regras do xadrez, mas acho que eles pecaram colocando batalhas no keio do jogo, pa vc matar a peça do time adverssario tem que literalmente matar usando um senquencia com as setas, isso fez com que o jogo deixasse de ser xadrez. De resto ficou bom.

  4. So… this game does not require special expertise. And who has a high sensitivity, he/she who wins. Amirite? :'v

  5. Interesting variation of chess, but I feel like if you get the timings down, this game would get ridiculously easy… I'm not against making interesting changes to chess, but this is just…. Idk.

  6. mi hamachi :                           battle vs chess1                 clave:123
                                                   battle vs chess2                 clave:123
                                                    battle vs chess3                 clave:123
                                                    battle vs chess4                 clave:123
                                                    battle vs chess5                 clave:123

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