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Battlefield 1 – Top 10 Tips and Tricks!


Battlefield 1 - Top 10 Tips and Tricks!


  1. I moved from cod to bf cause infinite warfare
    Is infinite warfare good or bad
    I'm afraid to waste 60$ for a bad game so I got battlefield 1

  2. My two top tips are to walk around the map instead of running and dont fire to fast or it will ruin accuracy.

  3. If you ate a medic always use smoke grenades because in huge firefights u can throw them and revive some team mates

  4. Here are a few other tips you may not be aware of. Some of them you mentioned already. This mainly applies to console when it comes to sensitivity. I'm on XB1. First turn "Uniform Soldier Aiming" On. It will make a huge difference in your K/D. Go to Options then Advanced Options and It's at the bottom of the screen. Go to Basic Controls and you could change the colors of crosshairs, headshots, killshots. I made my headshots red and my killshot yellow. You should try out playing with your mini map larger. If you want to tweak the Advanced Controls Sensitivity remember that turning down even one percent will drastically change your sensitivity. The things I tweak are the Calvary, HMG, Default Turret, and Fortress Turret Sensitvity. I turned my Calvary to 75%, HMG Turret is 97%, Default Turret is 97%. I only had to turn those two to 97% because my main Vehicle sensitivity is very low. I recommend turning the main vehicle sensitivity in Basic Controls down to around 30%, but mine is 20%. Turn down the Soldier Stick Sensitivity. This will help your hip fire accuracy. Mine is set to 35%. The most IMPORTANT thing to tweak is your Soldier Zoom Sensitivity. Default is way to high for most people. When they aim down sights on to a target the sight goes right past the target due to the high sensitivity. Remember that each setting has to be tweaked to your liking. What I like might be to slow for you. It takes time to get it perfect. I hope this helps someone because it took me forever to remember and write all of this.

  5. i don't know much because i got it today for xmas but you look very good at this game,
    like if titanfall 2 is good because i want to know if i should buy it.

  6. good tips thank you..another good tip I found is if you only damage someone with your rifle,switch to your pistol,it finishes them of really fast.

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