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Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to setup the xbox360 coop link please?



if im not mistakin, coop link support means that id be able to play a 360 multiplayer game on two seperate tv’s?

Im guessing i need 2 xbox360s(not sure if it matters if its core or full) and 2 tvs.

If im wrong please correct me.

If im right, please give me step by step instructions on how exactly to set this up. For instance what wires would i need, do i even need two 360s for this or could i hook up multiplayer on 2 seperate tvs using one 360?

Please fill me in, me and my girl been saving up so we can play halo 3 on an hdtv but we wanna know if we could play on two seperate ones.

Much thanks in advance!

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  1. Console-to-Console Connection: Wired

    You can also connect your Xbox 360 console to another console using a standard Ethernet (RJ-45) cable.


    Unlike the original Xbox video game system, Xbox 360 does not require a special crossover Ethernet cable.

    To connect your console to another console:

    Make sure both Xbox 360 consoles are off.

    Connect the ends of a single Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the back of each Xbox 360 console.


    To connect more than two consoles, you must use one Ethernet cable per console and one of the following: an Ethernet hub, a switch, or a router with one available port for each console.

    Make sure each Xbox 360 console is connected to a separate TV or monitor.

    To start playing, follow the game instructions for multiplayer gameplay.

    You can connect two or more Xbox 360 consoles to play a multiplayer match. Xbox 360 supports up to 16 consoles for system-link play.

    To establish a system-link match you must satisfy the following conditions:

    Your Xbox 360 game must support system-link play, as indicated by a system-link icon on the back of the game box. The game’s box or user manual will indicate how many linked players the game will accommodate.


    Many games support split-screen multiplayer gameplay. In split-screen multiplayer play, multiple controllers connect to a single Xbox 360 console and to one TV. This does not require a system-link connection.

    If you’re linking an Xbox 360 console to an original Xbox console, the game in question must also be compatible with both Xbox 360 and the original Xbox system.

    You must have one TV for each connected Xbox 360 console.

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