Home Playstation Games CGRundertow J.A.S.F. JANE’S ADVANCED STRIKE FIGHTERS for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGRundertow J.A.S.F. JANE’S ADVANCED STRIKE FIGHTERS for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


CGRundertow J.A.S.F. JANE'S ADVANCED STRIKE FIGHTERS for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


  1. Yea, this isn't what Jane's used to be. I owned several of their games when I was younger, and in everyone one just about every button on the keyboard did something normally and while holding control, shift, and alt. With this EA just wanted a piece of HAWX and Ace Combat.

  2. Ace Combat 6, and HAWX 2 are the best fighter pilot sim/arcade games you are going to get for the 360 PERIOD…..

  3. It's not, it is a far from a simulator as Ace combat itself.
    If you want to see simulators, look at say, Falcon and DCS (Hardcore), Flaming Cliffs (between hardcore and casual sim) and Strikefighters 2 (Casual sim).
    Not casual as in a casual game, but more a simulation with relaxed realism, mostly concerning the avionics. But the fun parts, weapon characeristics and flight modelling are not dumbed down.
    So if you want a good beginning simulator, look at strike fighters or Flaming Cliffs. 

  4. Sorry mate, but it is not sim-like, not at all, sim-like doesn't mean slow, it means realistic and challenging.
    Combat in a Combat flight sim is fast, because you have to do a lot of decisions in a short time.
    Also unlike arcade games, the jet's actually move fast! 😉

    Jane's combat sims were benchmarks, this JASF is just a travesty! 

  5. Why would you even think about firing guns when your 5km for the other aircraft, of course your not gonna hit them. Maybe use missiles as well, it might help!

  6. seems every dev house assumes that anyone owning a gaming console is a blithering wetbrain idiot and they have to dumb down any console release to the point where a toddler could not only play it, but master it in it's entirety. thank ODIN i am a pc gaming loyalist.

  7. I think in the PS2 era Ace Combat was it for consoles. There were maybe a handful other flight sims for console, none of which really stood out

    This generation's Ace Combat games are honestly kind of dull and uninspired. Assault Horizon is basically a HAWX knockoff with some Call of Duty on-rails nonsense thrown in.

    Anybody know if there's plans for an HD collection of Ace Combat 4, 5,and Zero?

  8. I agree that the new Ace Combat made some changes to make the combat a bit more exciting, but it also did so much wrong, especially the cliche story devoid of the sci-fi and fantasy elements that made previous games in the series stand out and the on-rails stages, which might be rewarding in a game where you play a foot soldier, but feel like a punishment in a game where you otherwise get complete control of a vehicle.

    I'll take boring old AC5 over any of this current gen nonsense.

  9. may be a mix of both but we all prefer classic games to take us back not forword its ok to do both but i prefer and im shoure lots prefur classic your review on the super game boy 2 video was a classic i say more classic if its ok

  10. It's too bad that there hasn't been any other good flight-action games other than Tom Clancy's HAWX and Ace Combat released during this generation. How come there aren't any sequels or rereleases of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron or any other games like it?

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