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Chaos Code PS3 Exclusive Review And First Impressions!


This is My First Look and Review At This New PS3 Exclusive Fighting Games By Arc System Works The Creators of The Awesome Series Guilty Gear! Does This Game Live Up To Guilty Gear? Find Out In This Review! Enjoy The Video And Please Subscribe!

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Chaos Code PS3 Exclusive Review And  First Impressions!

Copy of this game was provided by Arc System Works for review.

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The Game Machine: Chaos Code Review


  1. actually this game is currently on a 66% discount. 4.08 cent. (3 if ur ps+ I believe it said). this is why i'm here! (written before finishing video)

  2. I got Chaos Code from the Playstation Store. Online mode or No Online mode I'm still playing this game. YES I AM

  3. Arc System Works didn't even make this FK Digital and they're are in charge of a possible netcode but I doubt they will do it.

  4. Not bad, i'll wait for Guilty Gear though. Pissed those fools took JAM off the freaking roster too, probably to used as a dlc gun to our heads cause they know everyone likes her and for good reason!

  5. Too many indie games try to imitate that hyper-fighting style with chain combos, air combos, and Arc Systems style gameplay. Make it seem more gimmicky. I remember when fighters had characters that seemed like fighters and martial artists, not just people with powers in trying-to-be-original-but-turned-out-to-be-weird designs. If it isn't MarCap, Guilty Gear, or BlazBlue, I don't really care anymore.

  6. Very happy to see this released finally on EU PSN.. Thanks Arc System works 😀
    for £7.99 (official release was 26/03/2014) & I couldn't be happier.. 
    Although online would've been nice.. I normally only play online on 1.. 2D fighter at a time.. (Arcana Heart 3 main.. or whenever a new version of Blazblue is released.. for a few months..lol)
    in one day it has already been rated 5 stars from 10 people.. which isn't bad considering how very niche 2D fighters and.. 2D budget psn releases are in EU :)

  7. Rui and Celia mark II are my favorite.
    I prefer rough character like Celia mark 2 to Celia.
    From boys Cerberus.

    This game may be not well known,but it is cool.

    A well done review !

  8. I'm sorry, but I did not like this review. If you are not a fighting game player, then be open about that, because what you described about the game mechanics, especially when comparing to other game series, seems just over simplified and sometimes even wrong.

  9. You cant be too bummed about no online mode…..atleast you wont have to deal with glitchers right away….

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