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Classic Game Room – ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES review


Aliens Colonial Marines review. http://www.ClassicGameRoom.com
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Classic Game Room reviews ALIENS COLONIAL MARINES for Xbox 360 (also available for PC and PlayStation 3 PS3) from Gearbox and Sega, a first person shooter that takes place in the Aliens series. It’s a bug hunt!

Classic Game Room - ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES review

Aliens Colonial Marines PS3 gameplay & review video

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  1. There is so much wrong with this game it's not even funny. The enemy AI is beyond borderline stupid, the textures unfinished, and worst of all, it's canon to the FAR superior first two Alien movies. WTF were they thinking?

  2. I can quote the entire film, not just the memorable lines. lol If you have this game on PC, there are mods that drastically improves the alien AI, increases their speed to where they dart around the map, and even makes the acid pretty deadly. PC gamers should look for the mods. BTW Hudson's actually in the game. You can find him as an easter egg of sorts.

  3. That is what I realize and just got lost in my own interest in the movie itself that it was somewhat of a letdown. Though, not nearly as bad as 007 Legends, but it could've been better. Wolfenstein: The New Order is far and away better.

  4. I saw this game in a second hand budget store for £1.50 (That's just under $2). I had to think long and hard before handing over my cash. I suppose I just had to see for myself whether it really is as bad as the legends say. So yes this is the first game I have bought deliberately to see just how disappointed I can be. I haven't yet played it but I will be impressed if it can somehow make me feel as if I've wasted my money when it costs the same about as a bar of chocolate and a can of coke.

    Still if it is that bad I have Alien Isolation on standby to wash the bad taste out off my mouth.

  5. Question: Have they "patched" on 360 the most or even some of the glitches like doors not opening or game breaking type glitches as of today???

  6. I bought this around 2014 and it was a great game. The multiplayers are still up aswell. I think the patches really made a difference.

  7. Instead of it saying "Fight the Fear", It should say "Fear the Fight". As Mark said, they're not action movies, they're psychological terror.

  8. I actually love raccoons, even space ones… but absolutely don't like these Jar Jar Ren xenomorphs… this game sucks.. A LOT

  9. Space Racoons sounds like a movie about a gang of rag-tag space rebels. Actually, that sounds like it'd be better than this game.

  10. Bought this game for $5 sealed at my local Five and Below store last year. Haven't opened it yet. I think i will soon just for the hell of it. I do love Alien(s). :-)

  11. honestly i played this games after patches and got it on sale and it was fun, best game ever? hell no, but i really enjoyed most of it and the multiplayer when alive was fun too. i get where people have criticisms, but downright hate is illogical to me, especially post patches. I think it just became cool to hate this game, thats why so many people did, even people who havent even fuckin played it themselves

  12. U 2 might just be the most boring people ever in the history of youtube. Don't ever do any lets play type channels. U won't have many subscribers.

  13. What kept this game from being great is the Borderlands games. Which I love, but gearbox didn't do the last part of this. It got pawned off on someone else.

  14. I think I'm in quite the minority here, but this game is way better than most games out there that get 8's and 9's by IGN etc! I love this game!

  15. I was playing this for about 10 minutes & while i was shooting the aliens, i was thinking to myself "I wonder what game i should part exchange this for".

  16. It was pretty fun to play at times, I played it on hard and almost regretted it because there no cover system like kill zone :/, duck and stand duck and stand while my health gets chipped Off, 

  17. If this was Alien: Isolation the whole thing would be over in the first 8 minutes because you spray down an alien right at the start. This game has lost what Alien is.

  18. Oh did they fuck this shit up…. If you fuck up Alien:Isolation raises index finger IF YOU FUCK THAT UP, I will legit just breed an Alien Queen and send it to your BLASTED COMPANY BUILDING  ^-^

  19. I picked up a new copy of the Extermination edition from Game for a tenner… Am happy waiting 4 month 4 a better update/patch for next 2 nowt! Buzzin result, best things really do come to those that wait!

  20. Gearbox didn't have the game recognize grpahics cards past 2007 for some reason. You can update them in the ini files, or try one of the mods out there youtube.com/watch?v=0qAJns4D-VM

    After installing the 1.6h mod skin looks like skin, fog, fire, lighting, shadows are now better. 

  21. For the PC I've done 70 hours, mainly in Co-op on Steam and still think its fun. Finding a team to go higher than Soldier is difficult. Everyone seems to want to run around an kill Aliens without dying. It's not like the check points are spread out, but you do need a good team. 

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