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Classic Game Room – DARK VOID review


Classic Game Room HD reviews DARK VOID for Playstation 3 PS3, also available for Xbox 360 and Windows PC. Welcome to rental city! Dark Void is an action adventure game that can’t decide whether it is a shooter or a flying game. The flight controls are terrible and bring down what is otherwise a very entertaining game. A mediocre combat system and interesting environments move a cool sci-fi story along about your character’s disappearance into the Bermuda Triangle and eventual adventure into the VOID. But can you handle the awkward jetpack controls and terrible flight system to see it to the end? Hooray for quicktime events (sarcasm). As much as Classic Game Room loves cheesy science fiction adventures this one lives up to its title. This CGR review of Dark Void from Capcom has gameplay from Dark Void showing Dark Void game play on PS3 Playstation 3 with gaming footage.

Classic Game Room - DARK VOID review

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  1. I'm buying Dark Void Zero and the Gameboy version of Bionic Commando on my 3DS they're both probably better than this.

  2. Got this game for roughly 3.70 dollars and I'm having a blast! If I bought it ar release for full price, I'd be mad, but for under 5 bucks? Hell yeah!

  3. to be honest, the combat part was bad, the enemy as no variety aside from an few recolored version of normal enemy and sure the flying part is great….until you get to the part that you can't hit anything when flying and i won't lie this is what kill the game, the combat feel sluggish and slow, the dogfight are boring and very annoying because it seem the enemy can always get you from behind while you just try to turn that barn at the general direction you want to go, and yeah teh story is good but if the gameplay suck in many parts than it ruin the whole game so rental

  4. Bought it for a dollar. Cheaper than a
    Rental and I get to keep it. Then again if I don't like it I'm stuck with a beer coaster.

  5. the game's better than that, I think… acquired taste (or stockholm syndrome, not sure)… I liked it (still do, replaying it sometimes, so not a rental, at least not for me, anyway)

  6. "The flying controls are unplayable." That's nonsense, the flying parts are best thing about this game. I sense you were simply bad at it.

  7.  i barely had a problem with the flying controls or the hole controls through the hole game .karnage you just suck a bit at flying .

  8. Actually Faschists were in Italy, while the Nazis were in Germany. So Faschists might actually be accurate.

  9. $1.24 on GMG right now and can be less if you have GMG credits and if you buy $10 or more worth of stuff which will give you a 20% discount.

  10. Horrible controls and pc version was buggy as hell, had to remove it from my pc this isn't worth a buck, just to much aggravation, the only decent part of this game is the ground fighting which is average at best very 1997…….absolute crap

  11. finished it yesterday, a very cool game, not the best but one of those cheesy hidden gems, I really liked the artistic direction and the action, controls are not so intuitive but once you get used to it's very effective and satisfying.
    just wanted to recheck CGR review about it, and I see that Mark loves it a bit too.

  12. I really liked Dark Void, the gameplay mechanic felt very fluid, as in how you fly. The Iron Man games could have done with Dark Void's engine.

  13. Got this for 1.99 yesterday complete at disc replay. Want to see CGRs review before I play it

  14. Awesome little game, reminded me of the early Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers. t,v, serials. This game felt really fresh and different to me, It was a lot of fun. Just fucking about flying around was awesome.

  15. This game made me feel like boba fett if he was good and blended with nathan drake I think this game has the best jetpack in it with all the upgrades needs a sequel set in a massive city or a huge open world on PS4 or Xboxone

  16. This might actually appear to be a game that would be better now than 4 years ago. I don't own it (yet), but for 7 bucks on Amazon, and these albeit middling reviews, it could actually prove itself to be a hidden gem. I've always been a fan of flight in games that don't normally have that feature, a primary reason I could actually why I could stand the overworld in Skyward Sword, and this one seems to let you be as creative as you want with the mechanic at points. I'd actually love to pick it up some day just to see if it was worth the money. 

  17. Every time I hear a review take points away just for not having multiplayer it instantly loses credibility for me. Sure some games it definitely needs it, but with other games like this one I think it's just better to rate it for what it does have and not penalize it for what it doesn't.

  18. I just bought it for the Jet Pack gameplay and man, did it took a while to get there…but it was oh so worth it. I love the fact that your arms and legs flail around as you jet through the skies. It's so annoying yet amusing….and fun. The flight in Iron Man:The Game was okay, but the Jet Pack mechanic in Dark Void really beats Iron Man by a long shot. Take what you have in Dark Void and put it in a sandbox style game with a setting like LS from GTA5, add in Multiplayer = you're gonna have a hell of a time.

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