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Dark Souls 2 | #1 – THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS | Xbox 360 Gameplay


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Dark Souls 2 has arrived, and it’s already giving me nightmares. Watch me as I play one of the most difficult game franchises on the planet!

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Dark Souls 2 | #1 - THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS | Xbox 360 Gameplay


  1. also i really wanted ohm to become a swordsman and theres also one thing i like about watching him play he dosent make his charectar look like a creature that crawled out of ur shit rofl

  2. " you will lose everything, once branded " am I the only one that is reminded of berserk, especially episode 13 or that one volume in the manga ?

  3. I can't express how happy I am that I found a playthrough that isn't just an unstoppable tank sword and 100% block shield character.

  4. I know commenting a game on its graphics is wrong but Darksouls 2 fails its just a different story new items enemy's and tweaked graphics if anything just a 60$ dlc think ill wait I love darksouls but this is sad

  5. Noticed the character designs are still ugly. It's one aspect I hated about the first Dark Souls…I like my RPG characters to look good. They upgraded the rest but kept the characters ugly. Strange. Still, good video Ohm.

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