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DDR Universe 2 – Complete Songlist


DDR Universe 2 - Complete Songlist


  1. I Wanna Be With You is like the best DDR song imo.
    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can actually tolerate this songlist if it means that song is on it. :3
    Also, putting EternuS on this game was a GOOD DECISION, Konami. That song needs to be on every DDR game from now on.

  2. I know I probably just sound picky: I don't mind the mix of songs but I honestly miss when DDR was mainly all songs form the arcade games. I'm not hating on Outkast and Franz Ferdinand, but when I hear their music the first thing I think definitely isn't "hey I wonder if I could play this on DDR" where's all the good stuff like from DDR Extreme (AC)

  3. lol i listened through the whole thing without finding what i was looking for, the song í wanted is were inte the music video kids go down a hill on skateboards.

  4. @DukeNukem2020 amen. if getting either a modded ps2 or one with some original ddr games would be cheaper than getting universe at a ridiculous price for the 360 i already have, i would totally go for it…
    (yeah you wrote that comment 3 years ago… but i haven't played DDR in probably 4 years and want to again 😉 )

  5. yeah i agree the xbox ddr's are pretty much shit, the best ddr games that i have owned or played were the ones on the ps2, they were the closest to the arcade machines they had songs from the arcade

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