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Deadliest Warrior Review


A shallow game that still manages to pack some fun for ten bucks.

Deadliest Warrior Review


  1. bit of both really, any competition game needs to be balanced, but if they could implement a way to make it realistic it would be interesting. Personally I prefer a balanced game than an interesting competition…

  2. He said it isn't a functional fighter IN THE TRADITIONAL SENSE. In other words, it isn't a classic fighter, so classic fighter fans would be disappointed in this game.

  3. Ign first prototype then this what the fuck guys this is a good game I already got it but you ign you keep our hopes down

  4. One thing is realistic and another is unplayable. Realistic would be if you could aim for the opponents limbs and charecters vary in strategies. Ninja would be fast and short range while a spearman would have longer range but slower but here you can't choose where to strike, and some attacks are hilariously overpowered. Honestly though I can't imagine a realistic balanced fighting game. It's a paradox. realistic = Unbalance / Balance = Unrealistic.

  5. For one thing why it got a 7 and not lower it had it's own style. Also it is pritty cheep. Plus if you like blood it is for you!

  6. So IGN you say that it's not even a functional fighter, then you give it a 7? Almost everything you said about the game were negatives, and it gets that high a score? This is why a large portion of the gaming community doesn't take your reviews seriously, they make no sense

  7. When you said "Spartans straight outta 300" and "Pirates right from Pirates of the Caribbean", it sounded like you thought they were like mythical creatures or something, like saying "Dragons straight from Skyrim".

  8. Its funny seeing how the show on the 3rd season gives so much credit to the guy who made this okay game

  9. This game is terriable! WHAT THE HELL a 7.0!? It has 8 Charecters, the hit detection isnt even all that good… and "As balanced as possible?" You can get instant killed with a spear to the head! Oh but naruto with 95 characters, online tourneys and an actual story… that is only a 8.0 Material…. seriously IGN biased much?

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