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GameSpot Reviews – LA Noire Review (PS3, Xbox 360)


GameSpot Reviews - LA Noire Review (PS3, Xbox 360)


  1. im 5 years late for this but i'll say this to Carolyn Petit : you are an excellent at your job
    fuck all the inmature shits hating on you
    trust me i got bullied for 2 years ( worst years of my life so far ) and we know better than anyone how much this abuse affect us
    take care Carolyn !

  2. Remaster of this crap??? This is an example of nice art n awesome story with worst gameplay!!! Fuck these devs.

  3. Bought this game over the weekend. Never even heard about it until I picked it up and looked at the cover. I'm completely hooked and spent over 10 hours on it on my first day playing.

    Picking the wrong choices in questioning is frustrating and also how things don't add up at all. One case I put away a hobo but there was tyre tracks at the crime scene.. I guess it will make sense once I complete the game.

  4. This game look great I want to play it! Thank you so much for the good review (▰˘◡˘▰) anyone know if we can play this game on the Slim Xbox one?

  5. An excellent review. Makes me want to try the game. Any complaints in regard to this review are from small-minded people.

  6. I'm watching this review in 2016 and wow the comments here are so disgusting. Thought the reviewer did a pretty good job and hope she gets to read this. Don't let the negativity bring you down.

  7. Amazing Review , She did a very good & Detailed review coving all points of the game! I just bought this game so , From this review it looks like I bought a good one!

  8. That 'thing' shouldn't be allowed to review anything, let alone a videogame so manly as LA Noire. It's a misstep from Gamespot and a travesty, literally.

  9. Wow. If I looked at these comments before the video, I'd never have guessed I was watching a video game review. I'm ashamed to be human right now.

  10. Hey people. What the fuck?! Is it so important if she is male or female ? Did you come here to judge this person ? Just watch de review. Its a good review and its all that matters. Peace

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