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Grow Home – Review


Sprout skyward and levitate sheep in this surprise new adventure from Ubisoft.

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Grow Home - Review

Grow Home Review Commentary

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  1. Once you spend 30min wit it you pretty much seen all the mechanics, it's just the same monotonous thing over and over again

  2. I got this for a dollar along with 2 other games, meanwhile console has to pay $8 lol… PC master race.

  3. I thought i was the only one who hated this game. I dont understand why it gets such high ratings. This game is boring as shit. Its like minecraft but you can only build one thing. Bland textures, repetitive is an understatement, and just all around unappealing to anyone who isnt in fucking elementary school. This game literally put me to sleep with the controller in my hands. I dont expect much from a free game, but this is bottom of the barrel, bare minimum, barely a game bullshit.

  4. this game sucks. it deserves a 1/10. nothing Sony has given us for the last 2 months has interested me. nothing. when PS+ first came out yeah Sony offered us cool add games. Now they offer us stupid Indi Games that suck. give us $60th full fledge game. we pay $50 a year for this shit.

  5. I voted for this on PS+ and STILL I paid for it. It deserves money. I forked over the 8 dollars without even thinking twice. What a great little gem this is.

  6. Definitely gonna vote for this looks really creative and has that classic ps1 game vibe the other two games for ps this month… Meh

  7. 8.8??? I hope they fired the guy who gave this crapfest such a high score. Terrible game. Not even worth 99 cents.

  8. it's actually a great game. Under the radar. Relaxing and if you go for trophies the game can last a couple more hours of game play. Simple concept yet very satisfying. $7.99 price tag too … what else can you expect at that price? It's amazing for what it's worth

  9. My favorite part about this game is when you find all 100 crystals and you get to have unlimited jetpack power and can pretty much fly everywhere. Or when you find all 8 star seeds and get the ninja suit that allows you to jump 2x as high.

  10. Great looking game. One I'm definitely going to buy, after watching the review.
    Im a bit irked about your reference to 'spastics', which is an offensive term in the UK for disabled people (and I have a disabled wife and nephew). There was no malice intended in your use of the word of course, but please be aware of this. Thanks

  11. BUD – what the Devs were smoking, while making the game…. Dude what if….. we made a game about a robot who just climbs, he just climbs man….. Dude.. dude. Dude…. Dude…. cough cough

  12. Wow, another charming game with good controls beautiful color palette that's not about killing anyhting.  I like it

  13. This looks great and all, but am I the only one who wants a 3D platformer that is ONLY that? No crazy new innovations, no new tech and whatnot. Just jumping around with solid controls like Mario 64, Banjo and Kazooie, Conker etc.

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