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Help me with an XBox 360 for husband?


I want to get my husband the XBox 360 for my husband for his bday and was wondering what all I need to buy to have the game ready to play. I was thinking about the Xbox 360 Fully loaded game system. Do I need the remote? The wireless controller? Xbox live membership? Any extra cords or wires? Please help!! I can’t ask him or he’ll know what I am up to! Thanks.

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  1. Well it depends on what he likes, does he like halo? Then reserve him a halo 3 edition xbox360. if he is not so hot about halo then a regular 360 is fine( the premium) unless you have the hdtv, then the elite 360 is good for that ( but if you don’t have hdtv and you get the elite360, you need to buy different cables to work on non-hdtv’s) the premium comes with one wireless controller and sometimes a headset microphone. Only get xbox live if you have a cable or DSL internet connection supplying at least 1.5mbs downloading speed. and unless you know what games to buy him , get him a $60 gift card to pick out one he wants.

    good luck

  2. just go to one of the major game retailers and any amount of eager teens will help u! gennerally though if u get a good deal for it to be ready to play without xbox live [if you want him to be able to play online- basically just gives them more options u will need a lan cable which is usually provided and ur broadband internet connection etc plus the headset for chatting etc]you will need just the stuff that should come in the box mine man got the CORE SYSTEM[which is more than sufficient] plus a couple of games and it was good well it must be.cos i can never get him off the bloody thing! think LONG and HARD.!! do u like tv? make sure u have more than one tv in the house! do u like sex? dont get one! do you like help with house work and enjoy more than mono sylabble answers and conversations.? dont get one! lol, xxx let me know how u get on and if theres anything else i can help u with just holla!

  3. if you want to buy less extras then buy either the elite or the premium all the premium costs less and comes with a wireless controller you don’t need a remote

  4. lol if you really knew your husband you’d know (no offence), but I think the fully loaded game system is just fine.

  5. Hello! If you want to get this system for your husband, you have three options. Use this website to see what you get with all three systems [url is not allowed].

    I personally would purchase the Elite. It is more expensive but you do get a 120 gb hard drive compared to the Pro system which comes with only 20 gb. That hard drive is expensive to upgrade also. I believe the 120 gb hard drive costs $180 dollars. So it is well worth the extra money. As for the Xbox Live, you may or may not get a one month trial with the system so you may want to purchase a one year account. Make sure you get the Xbox 360 live account though. The one for the regular Xbox is a little different. You will not need to buy any extra cables or controllers unless you are going to play. Hope that helps!

  6. If you have an HD TV, then you can go with either the premium or the Elite. Both of them will have the cables that you need for HD display.

    All systems come with a controller. The core is wired, while the premium and elite are wireless.

    XBL is for people who want to play against other people. You get 30 days to try it out, so you can see if your husband likes it or not. But if you want to get it for him, you just need to buy the XBL starter kit.

    You don’t need to buy a remote. You can use the wireless controller as a remote. Why use the 360 as a DVD player? It’s not really meant to be used for movie watching.

  7. in my oponion i think you should buy the xbox 360 premium for it comes loaded with everything but if your husband downloads alot of things from xbox live get the elite but dont think about the core the premium already comes with a wireless controller but if he plays with friends buy another i also recommend the play and charge kit which is a rechargable battery pack so he doesnt keep waisting money on batterys.if you buy an extra controller buy a play and charge kit and a extra battery for the second controller and xbox live membership and points are also fun to download movies games and tv shows if you download alot of those but the elite

  8. get it and ask the people at the store to help and the wireless controller is for sure but let him play a little and get more extras later after he has it

  9. If he likes sports you can get him a sports game like madden 08 or NBA live 08 the only thing you probally need to buy is a wireless controller and an XBOX live membership

    you can also get him a gift card from the store so he can buy accessories for the game

  10. If he hasn’t owned an Xbox before, I would recommend buying the Premium, now for 349.99+tx. It comes with a Wireless controller, recharge-able batteries, 20GB hard drive, 1 month free xbox live gold member ship, free silver membership, HDTV wire, a remote is not needed to watch movies.

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