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how do you get xbox live? just got my xbox yesterday and its very confusing?


do i need to go to a shop and buy it

or can i just download it on my xbox cause iv trying to its taking forever and

im not sure if it will work then

please tell me how :S

the whole thing is confusing lol

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  1. Easy solution is to get a PS3 xD. But yeah, the easiest way to get live on your Xbox would be to buy a live card at the store. I think it is about $60 a year. Also depending on your system model you might need to buy a wireless adapter.

  2. You do have to buy xbox live membership. I am pretty sure you can find it at your local shopping centre or a games store. It looks a little bit like a itunes card or something like that. And you can get gold membership or silver and you can get membership of 3 months or more. So happy xbox playing and I am sure you will find a place selling xbox live. Oh and by the way I am not sure how much it is to buy xbox live because I am only taking from what my brother has done with his xbox live so this info might be wrong, sorry if it is.

  3. ok so the first thing youp need to know is that you need internet in order to have xbox live. You connect a usb cable to the xbox and to your source of internet. Then go to the xbox website and they will give youp step by step on what to do. You usually have i believe a month of free service when you buy a new xbox.

  4. Very simple 🙂

    1. Go to Target, Wal-Mart any chain market and buy a card that says 12 Month Xbox Live subscription.

    2. GO home, turn on your xbox, and their should be a place where it says ‘join xbox live’

    3. From there, you put in your code from the card.and there ya go!

    from there you can make your gamertag, and play online! good luck to ya! and have fun online 🙂

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