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I am having trouble with xbox live. I have a 30 day free trial but it always says IP address failed.?


Please help. What is an ip address? How do I set it?

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  1. An IP Adress is the numbered address every device on a TCP IP Network gets.

    Unfortunately you don’t specify how you connect the Xbox to the internet.

    But in 90% of all cases you use a broadband modem, a router or a PC with Internet Connection sharing.

    All devices normally send out an automatical setting of the IP adress (called DHCP).

    Make sure, you haven’t entered a manual IP adress, and that everything on the Xbox is set to automatic.

    Power cycle (turn off and on) your Broadbandmodem or Router and the Xbox.

    Also check the website below, which explains step by step on how to correctly set up your network and Xbox for Live.

  2. Im not sure, but I think its a problem with your internet connection, not your xbox live trial. Try resetting your internet modem and router. To do that unplug the power chords out of both for at least 1 minute. Then plug them back in. Try xbox live again, It should work.

  3. I agree with the answer about trying to reset your modem. I’ve had that problem before as well. I know how frustrating it can be.

    If that doesn’t work, then call Xbox support line they can walk you through it.

    1 800 MY XBOX

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