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I fixed my YLoD but now when i turn it on the fan gets louder and louder.?


So i fixed the YLoD, and I just tried to turn it on for the first time. It worked fine for a minute but then the fan gets louder and louder and a message pops up saying that the ps3 is too hot and i need to shut it down. But it isn’t hot at all, and now it happens about ten seconds after I turn it on. HELP!

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  1. Well going by your question, you say that “you fixed the YLoD”. Does that mean that you did it at home by yourself? (i have seen videos of people fixing it by themselves). if so then you may want to pay for it to be fixed, and most likely if you did fix it by yourself, then your warranty was voided and therefore you will have to pay. However, if what you meant was you went and got it fixed by a professional, (most likely Sony), then i say send it back to them again! its there job to fix the problem.

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