Home Playstation Forum I get a ps3 error 80710102 help?

I get a ps3 error 80710102 help?


When i try to test my connection the ip address only succeeds if i manually input it and tthe internet connection fails and my dns is set to and and i get the dns error 80710102
i tried going on my routers website and typing in all the exact information. I have the ps3 hardwired into my laptop and feed off the wireless signal.

I have roadrunner. and i turned off the firewall on the computer on my laptop and on the computer that the modem and router are connected to

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  1. it’s a router settings issue , hard to diagnose without knowing all of the details about your settings , isp , etc.

    — usually it’s something blocking your ps3 so first open all recommended ports and check router firewall settings then see if your ps3 shows up in your router connections list and if yes , is it allowed or blocked

    : to access the router open internet explorer on your computer and type in the search bar and hit enter

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