Home Playstation Forum Is farcry2 worth downloading off of the playstation store?

Is farcry2 worth downloading off of the playstation store?


please compare far cry 2 and 3.

is the 2nd one long? is it an rpg game? is it like the 3rd one where their are main and side missions. do you fo hunting and upgrade yourstuff based on the pelts you get? andlastlyplease describe the questionable content. is their alot of f-words and is their any sexual content ornudity?

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  1. “please compare far cry 2 and 3.”

    I have both but can only play FC2 so i will try my best.

    “is the 2nd one long?”


    “is it like the 3rd one where their are main and side missions”

    Yes in FC2 there are main missions, side missions and friend missions.

    “do you fo hunting and upgrade yourstuff based on the pelts you get?”

    There is no hunting in FC2. You can upgrade your stuff but not like in FC3 you just gain money (diamonds) via main missions or by finding them thought out the game. Once you have some money you can go to the weapon shop and there will be a computer there you can buy the weapons, weapon upgrades (more ammo/slower degenation and better accuracy), and medic kit and vehicle upgrades.

    “andlastlyplease describe the questionable content.”

    Little for the main game play i think there is only the GD and F and s* words after you hurt a enemy. For the few cutsecnes i don’t remember them much but think thats only the F word. No sexual content or nudity. If i am wrong on this i am sorry but i have played though 3 times and saw no sexual/nudity. There is some re fences to this but later on in the game you find out its not what you think.

    Worth downloading hmmm idk its your call and there is alot of stuff in FC2 i don’t like but over all its ok. For less then $10 which is what i got mine for. I will try and give a more detailed run down of it.

    Weapons omfg the pistols are useless. The shotguns and assaut rifles suck. And the explosions weapons are ok. The accuracy is insanely off even with the targeting reticle. I mean i hate spraying and praying that is dumb even with full upgrades and aiming though the scope the accuracy is ok. If i am close enough to melee them i should not have to scope to shoot them with/without the targeting reticle when it is red. Don’t that mean i can hit them. Another thing i don’t know if this is a ghitch or not but i have shoot a few enemies and seen blood come out of them when i shot them with a shotgun and they did not die till i meleed them.

    Weapon break downs. Ok this is hard for me to say on cause when i 1st played though i hated it i almost quit because of this and other things. But now idk. Ok the 1st few weapons you get are enemy weapons if i recall right which are heavily damaged has is. They last maybe a clip till they blow up in your hand hurting you. Then you find get to buy your own. Yep they still break down but not has fast maybe 2-3 clips at 1st. Then you buy a weapon health upgrade. No you can’t fix it but it lets the weapon last longer. 5-6 clips depending on the weapon. So watch with your explosive weapons has i have had more then a few blow up in my face killing me. If you put it away and have your melee weapon out it lasts longer then having it out. But even with some weapons health upgrades those still last about 5 shots.

    Weapons you have the melee the machete there are a few you can get if you resister the game i think that is how you get them. All have the same damage 1-2 hit kills. And 3 other slots which you would think are made only for pistols, assault rifles, and special weapons. But lucky this is not the case. While all pistols go in the 1st slot. Some sniper rifles go in the 2 slot and some in the 3rd slot. There are 2 types of grenade launchers in game. A single shot and a drum fed one. The single shot goes in the 1st slot and the drum fed in the 2nd. If i recall right i am still on my 3rd play though and i am going section per section getting the diamonds so i have not unlocked everything again yet.

    Money (diamonds) like said above you get them from missions and finding them thoughout the game. You have a Gps but you have to have it out for it to work and its range is like 30 feet so if you want to find them all you will have to look on the web. Think the site with there locations is gone now but i have them on my computer. Some are freaking hard to get to and you will have to go on youtube for how to get them. I suggest you find them they help ALOT.

    -Nope: the site is still up just down for a bit.

    [url is not allowed].

    Overall i would say this is about $15 worth of a game. Its not all that fun but it does have play value if you just want to kick back and relax after you got the full weapon upgrades and can tell when it is time to get another weapon.

    Had to delete some info because yahoo didn’t like the long answer.

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