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Is my PS3 safe from dust?


I have a desk where I put the TV on the top and the ps3 on the bottom and is kind of close to the floor. The ps3 isn’t on the ground, it’s on the bottom of the desk if you know what I mean. It’s in the middle of the desk floor and my room isn’t dirty. So is it fine?

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  1. It’s fine. But once in a while you will need to clean the dust from the vents. Some people might advise use to use one of those office duster spray, but don’t use that because the air will just blow the dust right into your system.

    Instead, use some type of a vacuum to suck the dust away. Or, simply wipe it up every month or so.

    PS3 will last through anything.

  2. Nothing is necessarily safe from dust lol. But yes your ps3 should be fine, maybe if you want, just blow into the back where the vent is to blow away some dust, but dust really shouldn’t mess up your console

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