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Life is Strange Walkthrough Part 1 – Episode 1 Chrysalis – Full Episode (PS4 Gameplay Commentary)


Life is Strange Walkthrough Part 1 – Episode Chrysalis – Full Episode (PS4 Gameplay Commentary)

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Developer: DontNod Entertainment
Release: January 30, 2015
Genre: Graphic Adventure
Platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, Windows PC
Publisher: Square Enix

Life is Strange Walkthrough Part 1 - Episode 1 Chrysalis - Full Episode (PS4 Gameplay Commentary)

Life is Strange - Launch Trailer | PS4, PS3


  1. Great game! But when she's out of school, walking around chit chatting with everybody, i got stuck. Haven't tried so much yet, but that part may be tricky in many games. For ex. in The Walking dead game I got stuck on the farm, the day he walk around talking, many rounds but no progress. Old Hersal never came out to the barren. In the walk-through he did, but not when i payed. In this game, do we have to talk with people in a specific order and chose all the right answers, in order to move on in the game? Like a puzzle? Or does she have to talk with everybody about all topics before she'll move on? I hope to figure it out with the help of this walk-through. Thank you for the videos!

  2. bro no offense but you sound bored as fuck playing this game… atleast have some passion in Square Enix creation please. people are depending on your humour bro…

  3. I'm super happy that we have the internet and youtube to look things up before we buy something. I guess I'll pass on this one, not my cup of tea at all…

  4. what bothered me was that the writing messed up right from the start. The part where Max saw Chloe and Nathan in the restroom, why the hell didn't she recognize her best friend? okay you'll probably claim that Chloe had changed so much, but why the fuck when Max saw her in the truck, she immediately recognized her? jezzzz that's one of the biggest flaws in writing I've ever seen in video games!

  5. Anyone can let me have their CD and booklet and box for the limited Edtion only? long story short I drove to a far away gamestop to get one (PS4) and for some reason they have a new one but the booklet and CD and the LE box was stolen. Just the game..

    I was very disturbed by it. Thanks. would be very much appreciate especially someone who just brought it and only care about the game..

  6. Looking back, I'm surprised this trailer didn't even mention anything about Rachel, even though that subplot started in episode 1.

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