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Livelock Review ” Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”


Karak takes on Livelock for PC, PS4, and Xbox One
A twin stick shooter staring 3 robot classes who are also badasses.

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Livelock Review


  1. This looks like it plays just like Assault Android Cactus. Because I own that game, it makes me more reluctant to get this. Although I'm a big fan of twinstick shooters. Any thoughts on this vs Assault Android Cactus?

  2. This alienation or helldivers? Alienation looks like just hoards coming at you. Maybe it gets progressively harder? This one seems to be more of mission like your actually going somewhere.

  3. game looks pretty sick, its like mech warrior meets diablo 3, this game went totally over my head as well, these games are often better than blockbusters that tend to flop all the damn time

  4. Awesome review man, thanks as always!
    One quickie; have you played this with a mouse/keyboard combo? Would you recommend or use a controller?


  5. just bought this game after viewing this vid, was on the fence on whether to buy it or to get something else, but like this game quite a bit with its rng generated cosmetic drops it is quite fun

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