Home Videos Microsoft Wants PS4 and Xbox One to Connect For Online Gaming

Microsoft Wants PS4 and Xbox One to Connect For Online Gaming


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Microsoft Wants PS4 and Xbox One to Connect For Online Gaming

What Does Xbox Play Anywhere Actually Mean For PC Gaming?


  1. you a moron
    your channel sucks!
    DLC is platform biased
    wont work!
    and network security! bad sony sucks controllers inhibit player performance. the end

  2. I think this is a great idea I've been wanting to play with my friends for a long time but they have a ps4 where's I have an Xbox one and putting the PC in isn't such bad idea too so I hope and pray to god that Sony is up for this it will be enabled in the future

  3. I can't wait i am in a group of 6 friend including me and I'm the only one with a ps4 and I don't know how that happens but it'll be awesome

  4. It sounds good in all, but it makes security breaches, allowing the Console gamers to connect with PC gamers could go to shit real fucking fast, if people play on PC they know what I mean, PC gaming kids might DDOS a server when angry, this happens anyway, i know but with PC gamers it's easier to get the right programs, easier to work with the Server's IP, and worst of all, rather than just DDOSing, there will be people who know a programming language like C, and may proceed to fully hack the game.

  5. Yeah I want to connect because I have so many friends on Xbox one and I'm only on ps4 so lonely XD

  6. Be cz of it and I been with xbox for 12 years and I do not what this to happend to pple and when it dose happend I am going to be like I told u guys so when the all hackers take over when they dose then everyone's going to hate xbox and sony for doing this but it and make them a let of money but it's not a good Idea I'm 20 years old and this sloud not be happing

  7. When xbox one and ps4 do this it going to leave a big door open for hacker to take over the online muitplayer games then everyone's is going to get kicked offline and that not a good Idea

  8. I embrace that we can get games on PC from so many sources. Steam, GOG, itch.io, directly from the developers site, (torrent)… So yeah, great that Microsoft is getting into the ring. It's great that there is crossbuy, crosssave and crossplay between console and PC. Also great that Microsoft is open for more crossplatform gaming.
    Killer Instinct and Oxenfree play great as "Windows Apps". Yet, these restrictions have to go. Microsoft is competing with gog and Steam on PC. And while I bought Season 1&2 of KI, I will not spend 70 Euro on Forza Horizon 3 and Gears 4. Despite of Splitscreen Coop /LAN Multiplayer goodness.

  9. so if i got this right from all the information it doesn't matter what kinda specs your computer has you just need windows 10?

  10. Microsoft is working on adding mods to Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition. I'm sure what ever system they workout (which seems to be importing .mcmods files) will be possible in other games, it's just the developers of the original have to give permissions

  11. If i get one of the xbox play anywhere games from gamestop (digital version) can i play it on PC or do I have to buy it from the windows store?

  12. This is exactly why I picked up an Xbox One S from the Black Friday $225 special. So far, the only multi-platform game I have Forza Horizon 3. Hopefully all goes well. It'll be nice to be able to play games with my dad using a PC and Xbox, or even be able to take my Xbox to a friend's house to play games with him since my gaming PC is so bulky.

  13. ok so, im not sure if you covered this or not but if i buy a game like this.. such as recore on the xbox one, when i play it on pc will i be able to change graphic settings? maybe a dumb question but wondering.

  14. I love this idea, I've always been a PC gamer, I grew up playing RTS games like AoE, SC, SC2, Warcraft 3, etc… I recently bought an Xbox One S mainly as a media device (yes I know, an overpriced media box) for Netflix, crunchy-roll, etc… and for 2 games I used to own on PC but lost the CD's. Anyways, they can expand on this idea and work with Steam, Blizzard, GOG, EA, Ubisoft, etc… to make PC game app clients work with Xbox/Microsoft Cloud, UWP, Xbox Play anywhere; whatever its called work together. This could encourage PC gamers to buy an Xbox and let them run any games that are supported in both platforms.

    Here's an example, as of now, lets say you own both an awesome Gaming PC and a Xbox One. You like to play Overwatch. If you want to play on both platforms, you gotta buy two copies. If they implement this massive cloud network, consumers only buy one copy and can switch between the two platforms. It's a win/win situation. Opens the market for Console gamers to try gaming on PC and expand their horizons to try PC exclusive genres like MOBA's and RTS's. On the other hand, PC gamers may be interested in purchasing Xbox's as an expansion to their gaming rigs. Good competition to steam machines!

    Also now it came to mind, couldn't xbox address the graphics settings issue by also converting the Xbox into a advance "steam link". Make it an option to let the xbox stream whatever settings the PC has to the xbox. Did that make sense?

  15. Can i have the benefit of playing the xbox game in pc if i sold my xbox ? so far the only game from xbox that i have install in my PC is Killer Instic but im missing the characters i purchase…. how can i get them ?

  16. Cross play on windows works well…as long as you fix your PC IP address, sort out your Teredo setting in command prompt, then access your router and port forward the 5 ports Microsoft tells you about and then the other 10 they don't, and ensure your windows firewall is okay but your anti-virus software firewall is off, that their server is okay that day and doesn't see you as having a restricted NAT…………..yeah cross play was amazing.

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