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Moody PS3? Not able to connect?


This is a weird problem I had. My dad’s modem (AT&T) had 3-4 green lights. I tried to connect my ps3 and it wouldn’t work. Neither for his computer. And I had the internet, and it wasn’t plugged into his modem! I was using a router and I think a Netgear modem. I can’t really tell the difference but the two can get me connected.

Anyway, I tried numerous times of getting it connected. Using wired/wirless option=IP Fail, and others I really can’t remember. But I picked custom=wireless=linkys-g= and then test. And the internet came up! I think I used linkys before and I pick this one, and it works for me! Can someone tell me why that is so? I’m sure that it won’t connect by tomorrow, and I’ll have to try and fix it again.

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  1. Try calling Gamestop and asking them about it. Some of the guys that work there are pretty knowledgeable. They gave me great instructions on how to change my NAT type once.

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