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NBA Live 16 Review



  1. Live 17 is going to be the one that is going to make 2k piss its pants. Who knows, they might use frostbite.

  2. Live is coming alone, I'm a Live fan. Here's what I see and would suggest is Live problem there still trying to compete with 2K and not themselves when they was as the top or what the game use to be known for variations of full customization and venues. What happened to the roster move updates/personal customization/uploads? Where and what happened to the practice court mode, where you can learn to play with new player or none rotation players. 2K has been doing what they do best and they've stuck with it. Live has changed up in a lot of good ways and a few bad and its the bad that's hurting them at EA on the Live franchise. Live use to be Live because it had all the animations/cuts senses and broadcaster voices arcade gameplay and event innovations and stats. All of which 2K does now. The bad few is all the stuff I mentioned except the arcade like gameplay and sometime too much cut scenes, other then that 2K took all that you were great at and excelled at it, put that back in the game and its Live again. Live was known for fun and entertainment and now they've settle on this simulated gameplay which I love, like and thought was their improvement to the game. They've upped the visual to modern gen give or take peoples opinions. Just put the fun and entertainment components back Live will be Live again. Ooh yeah, put Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Zack Levine or Anthony Davis on the Cover or all IMO i'm tired of one guy on the cover. #Change-It-Up-for-good.

  3. Eh, I think I'll still play NBA Live 2002. Of course it doesn't look as good as this, but the gameplay is balanced so well …

  4. #on Defense the player should bend knees and Palms up Shuffle feet left right and Controller shall….Vibrate…Vibrations on holding the L2 or LT button to feel the Intensity like you sticking Defense

  5. #Gameplay Gameplay if if and if they fix how the players Move…the Movement…the freestyleness….if I want to control every dribble between the legs the way I want to….slouchy and SWAG SWAG and Proper Discipline at the┬ásame time┬álike Jamal Crawford SWAG…I want that GAMEPLAY to move just like that MOVEMENT

  6. Just compared the 2k16 review with this one. No 2 minute rant on how bad 2k is when it comes to teammate AI. Or how the animations are completely canned to the point of unrealism for a so called "simulation game". Point out the bad in Live. Point out the good in 2k. The game can't be as great as you make it out to be if you mention the pick and roll as a highlight of the game.

  7. Live keeps missing its opportunity to get better I hope NBA LIVE 17 improves and EA better start working rather than slacking to compete vs 2K!

  8. Why does EA sports still make nba games. if EA sports still make this, why don't they make a new fight night game?

  9. That dumbass Spike Lee mode on 2K is what's pushing me toward Live. It's so damn gimmicky & not fun. That ProAM and Summer Circuit mode in Live looks amazing to me.

  10. you still got, you still got uhhhh. I can tell you failed English in school. You can't review for crap. You Idiot!

  11. this idiot is trying to Review a Demo! That's what's wrong with youtube everyone thinks they are qualified to critique. well just remember opinions are like Ass holes. Everyone Has One !!!

  12. you just named 2 things you had a problem with and it some stuff that can be fix in a patch so how does they have 2 to 3 year be great

  13. people forget its a video game, the one score that trumps all is Fun Factor, and that Live Run is freaking fun. yes its not worth 60 but will surely pick it up once it drops. much better than my park waiting for a game to end to play.

  14. Im a a 2k dude from 1999 on dream cast but people stop acting like 2k16 dont be trash every year we have to wait for a patch the game lags so bad there servers been ass for years 2k15 zigzag cheese baseline dunks 16 switch all the buttons you cant see what team the person picks its hard to make shots nbalive is a step in the right direction and they do updates the same week you bums like the park buy vc points max your guys to a 99 and think thats fun i play on halloffame sim rank games on 2k are a joke its not about how good you are its about The team the cavs are super overrated on 2k if you guys think im not nice add me xbox one toughblackseedz

  15. man nba live 16 is awesome man u just a hater…2k fanboys just need give live its due easports made a hell of a game this year and keep up the good work!!!!

  16. Love the review I was never a live fan but I decided to give the demo a try , and it wasn't to bad they came a long way but they do still have a lot to work on , I love the Live concept. Give it about 2-3 years for it to be on 2k LvL but by then 2k will
    Be on 100x more lmao I'd give it a solid 5/10

  17. Stop rating games. 7 out of 10? This game is about a 5 out of 10. The gameplay is absolutely garbage. Arcade city. The shooting meter is a joke. Everybody plays the same. There is a major travel animation. Just too much to list. The only thing that was nice is the shoes.

  18. Good honest review. This what I been trying to say to Live fans, the game isn't bad by any means, it's a decent basketball sim, but 2K is on another level, the amount of work they put into the gameplay, animations and the game modes is incredible (especially MyCareer). I support Live and I love the fact that there is now competition in the Basketball Games market, it pushes both companies to put out better games for us Basketball fans every year, but it'll definitely take Live a couple of years to truly compete with 2K.

  19. this game is trash. no deep game modes. it's just outdated. could've easily been released four years ago. this game has nothing innovative. animations, dribbling, just the feeling of this game in general is just bad.

    4/10 only thing live is better than 2k is espn presentation (commentary excluded).

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