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Original Xbox Ram Upgrade Tutorial


Original Xbox Ram Upgrade Tutorial

Original Xbox 1.0 GPU & system fan replacement


  1. Thanks so much for this! I mustered up the courage to follow this and complete success, no regrets! Just treat this upgrade like the marathon it is and all should go well with much care. There are many XBOX uploads on TiZ that have modpacks that benefit from this, like San Andreas, Morrowind, and StarWarsBattleFront2. As well as many emulators like Surreal64, PCSXBOX, and technically the playable Chihiro games. You're the man Floyd!

  2. Would of been easier if those RAM chips had been made slightly bigger to make it easier installing them.

  3. Where can I get my Xbox original modded? Also is there any mods to integrate an SSD inside?
    Upgrading the RAM what exactly does it do? Does make the games run higher frame rates?

  4. Is it possible for the xbox to be making use of 128mb ram upgrade without having to activate it with the game every time you start the xbox.

  5. I did't really need any of these as tutorials was searching where to buy the RAM chips and thanks that link was very helpful, lining the chip up correctly dot by dot was helfull. Any idea why they cannot find U.K as a country as my delivery has been showing waiting for 9 days can not find country, LOL.

  6. i want to upgrade the ram in my xbox v1.5
    but the only mod chip i have it's an aladdin xt. i can use this modchip to make the upgrade?
    and is possible to flash the bios in the xbox motherboard so that i don't have to rely too much in the modchip?
    (sorry my english isn't so good)

  7. olà floyd. i got me a perfectly running 1.6, softmodded and 2tb sata hdd upgrade. nice. i did the 80mm fan upgrade. but unluky me the xbox now has video issues. there are lines moving across the screen und the pic is
    kinda jumpy. not so nice anymore. any idea?!

  8. I installed 4 chips, the On and Off console Twice when he starts for the third time and will not appear video, LEDs vary in different colors
    Can you help me ?
    sorry I do not understand speech in English

  9. how much it cost for all 4 ram chips is it 24 or 6 for the price i'm not 100% sure to get all
     4 ram chips

  10. You sir are terrible mistakes all over leave the power in while touching components an throwing shit around dont even have the right tools omg Worst ever tutorial an Planning ever i was safer an faster with my first shot at it you started playin in 2006 i atarted 2016 mate Worst

  11. Can I simply upgrade the TIME-CAPACITOR? Can I use one with more Voltage? What's it's value (microfarad) by the way?

  12. Sir I can't be 100% sure your GPU FAN Problem!the fan size looks to be exactly the size of the fan that one finds on one Old Celeron 333 mhz the big Black Heatsink

  13. Oh man, Never seen an original Xbox have a sticker in the middle space – the ones here in the states just have a blank area where the sticker should be. Most of us in the scene think that's how they all are… clearly they aren't!

    As for your tool choice, oi, it hurts to see you using a flathead for it, but it works so no biggie! Also, that "tight if not opened before" joke had me laughing.

    On the subject of Thompson drives, oddly, my 1.0 unit with a Thompson is the most reliable unit I have. Funny how that works – then again I mostly just load software via Quix so no need to burn discs or anything anymore. Of note, my main unit was a launch machine, made in October of 2001. For survivability, they hold up well so long as you get that clock capacitor out.

    That HDD Power cable is a pain, for sure. As for that GPU fan, that thing was quite fubar.

    Ah, nice and informative though, and some good solutions to the repair problems that box had.

    Can't wait to see what you do to it next. 😀

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