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Paring a Madcatz Headset for PS3?


I recently thought something was wrong with my headset, because when I went to charge it, it just kept flashing red, so I took the connection off of my PS3, then later found out it was doing that because it hasn’t been used for so long, it eventually began to charge.

Now I am trying to pair the headset with the PS3, holding down the button until it flashes red and blue, but nothing is happening. It is just gflashing blue like it does when it is working. I try to scan the device, but nothing happens.

Any idea’s on what’s going on?

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  1. buy a bluetooth anyone will work seen them at truckstops for twenty dollars pairs right away sounds like your headset is out of there to me

  2. The button on the Madcatz headset is kind of touchy. Hold the button firmly until it starts flashing blue and red. It may take a couple tries, but you’ll get it.

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