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Playstation 2 Help?


I’ve been noticing some strange things going on with my PS2.

I had these problems while playing row different games.

The first was Crash Tag Team Racing. When is tattered if up this morning, there was no sound. My TV wasn’t on mute and in the options menu the volume was set to full. I reset it and still no sound. After the THRID reset, it worked. It wasn’t just the game that had no sound, but when you start up the console, you know that noise it makes when it says SONY COMPUTER ENTERTSINMENT? Well no sound there either.

I played for a while when text appeared telling me the controller had been dissconected. It hadn’t. I pressed start without getting up and it worked. Fpr a few minutes at least. Every few minutes that message would appear and I would keep pressing start until one time start didn’t do anything. I was stuck with the screen.

I then turned on Crash Twinsanity. I played for a while and then the camera stares moving o. it’s own. I disconnected the controller and plugged in a different one This time it was crash moving on his own. I managed to get it to stop after a while.

Do you know what’s causing these problems? Is it the console? The controllers? Or is it the games?

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  1. Keep in mind that console is over 10 years old. It has lasted a while but because it’s old it can start to act up.

  2. It’s probably the console.

    Try cleaning it, the games, get a lens cleaner. Try playing the game on a different tv.

    You may have a shortage in the cords. But if not, then buy another console.

    And if your playing it in a hot environment, set it in a cooler area

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