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PlayStation Now Review: The State of Cloud Gaming in 2016 | PS4, PC, Vita | Streaming PS3 Gameplay


PlayStation Now Review: The State of Cloud Gaming in 2016 | PS4, PC, Vita | Streaming PS3 Gameplay

PlayStation Now has launched for the PS4 so Danny, Chris and Peter give you some of their favorite games to stream.

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The Best Games on PlayStation Now! - The Lobby


  1. I'm planning to get a PSTV but I would like to know if all PS Now games are really compatible with the PSTV?

  2. I'm thinking ps vita will come at least a year before ps4 since nobody cares about the vita anymore and that ps4 games won't come until it's as old as the ps3 was when the service first started

  3. For a $100 subscription it's actually a really good deal. People are willing to spend $10 a month on Spotify. As a mobile gamer I'm pretty ecstatic about this service. I always loved the PlayStation's library, but I don't watch TV and only use a laptop. I'm happy to pay for an on demand gaming service like this if they keep adding games though. Seems like the obvious next step Sony is taking in gaming.

  4. Great video!

    PS Now really is a wonderful service. For people (like me) who have never owned a PS3, having access to these great games is a godsend! I was able to play through Ratchet & Clank games, Shadow of the Colossus, Catherine, etc, and am looking forward to playing through The Wolf Among Us, Ni No Kuni, all of the God Of War series, and many, many more titles!

    The bandwidth requirements are steep, but as mentioned in the video, internet infrastructure is improving (and becoming less expensive) year-over-year, which will undoubtedly make the service much more attractive. When I originally started playing PS Now, I had to budget my bandwidth, but a year later, my internet bandwidth has gone up substantially and I no longer even consider it while playing.
    ** NOTE: I do recommend running an Ethernet cable from your PS4 directly to your modem/router as this will ensure a more stable connection, especially for those that may live in a larger house/flat where the PS4 is a good distance from the access point.

    I think PS Now will continually look more attractive to current gamers as PS3s become increasingly rare, and the hardware begins to fail. I also think that PS Now will appeal to some PC gamers that enjoy gaming on a cheap laptop computer, or casual gamers that like to play on their TVs with PS Now support built in. Having a 450+ title library to choose from is remarkably good value for the $99/yr asking price (current US/Canada sale). I expect that PS Now will eventually be supported in Android, exposing millions of devices (smartphones, tablets, TVs) to the PS3 eco system.

    I really hope that the catalogue grows to include PS1, PS2, and PSP and PSVita titles — such a library together with Arcade Archives, should satisfy nearly any gamer. Additionally, I hope that PS4 titles are eventually added to the fold. But I also hope that Sony has the foresight to create a PS Now platform that developers can develop for directly, with the goal of streaming games. Such a platform could have copious amounts of power and offer unrivaled visuals to anyone with a PS Now client.

    I'm a fan of the service. It is remarkably forward looking, and works well. That's not to say that it cannot be improved, but Sony has something special, and if nurtured properly, can re-define the way that we think about games!

  5. Hey everyone!

    I've been spending a lot of time with PlayStation Now this week, so I figured I'd put together a speedy review. It's worth mentioning that this service is constantly evolving, so I'll be revisiting it in a year's time to see what's changed.

    Anyway, I hope you find some value in the video. Thanks for watching!

    – Sammy

  6. it's amazing on the Vita but, it's recommended that you have really high speed internet without that many people using the same Wi-Fi network because lag can destroy the experience even if you aren't playing online.

  7. I had it for 2 months all I ended up playing was blazblue cp. Not because there weren't any other good games i actually wanted to try other games but blazblue cp was just too good.

  8. So its fuck Playstation plus and more on the ps now. So yall saying i pay $20.00 to play any game without paying for the game?

  9. When he asks a question like "well how many people can you get in a killzone match for an old game".. he should have just checked, because I went into war hawk, which came out in 2009 and was playing it again, like I used to 6 years ago, and there were tons of people playing.

    I really hope they get the whole PS2/PS1 catalogue on now, PSP games… Vita games, I'd love to play some JRPG's on a big screen.

  10. The whole idea of not having to shell out $60 by trying them out first is is a moot point when we're talking about the kind of games that you mentioned that are cheap as chips to pick up now.

  11. I already own these games on my PS3, I want to stream them for free on my ps4 if it's something I already own.

  12. I think this service will evolve in two ways, Sony puts out there 1st party games and numerous classics or they will be stingy and focus on indie games.

  13. Im not fond of playstation now, at the moment it is overpriced, and it lacks the volume of games that I would expect. If they add certain titles though I can see myself maybe getting it for a month, ultimately I would prefer being able to download the games, like you could do for ps1 and ps2 games on the ps3, cos my connection is donkey dick. I like the idea and innovation from sony however I dont think they have considered that the internet in most places is just simply adequate for this sort of thing yet, that said it probably will be in the future.

  14. i laugh when playstation pigs try to rip xbox, isnt sony in debt of like 2 billion dollars? their tvs are losing money, their phones are losing money, their cameras are losing money, their electronics are losing money, their computers are losing money etc. they are failing as a company and have seriously talked about selling playstation, at least microsoft isnt a little pussy bitch and scared shitless of north korea, and didnt like millions of credit card info get leaked from the lizard squad hack? isnt this the second mass credit detail leak? wow and you fucking dumb sony fanboys still trust playstation with your credit card info, now how does your console sound?

  15. I think I'd they could somehow use this service to deliver games like on ps4 but on consoles that are older like the ps3, that could be a draw for people that can't afford next gen yet. Dunno if maybe that would have a separate charge, something you can do if you but the game a la carte along with the Now sub, or just include some selections along with the Now sub, mainly older next gen titles. Also maybe Sony could have a price reduction on the service for Plus members, even if just introductory. And wouldn't hurt to have few weekends here and there for it, some people simply don't want to try it and have to pay for it first.

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