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pre order ps4 At GameStop


pre order ps4 At GameStop


  1. I'm going to kill one of the employees to work at GameStop being slick and taken money on the side I'm not paying nobody $50 to hold me shit man that shit is not cool So I got to pay somebody to guarantee me I get one on launch Man fuck that I will blow GameStop fuck up

  2. Callofdutyhero your so stupid. Yea micosoft has been here seance the 70s but sony has been here seance the 40s they just didn't have the sony name at the time so sony is older and has more experience. Trust me. First I did a report on them in school, second I work for them and I know there history more then u they are better. Im a beta tester I test lots of stuff there but not the ps4 but I get one for free ha.

  3. I'm so fucking pissed I cannot take off work for the ps4 and Xbox one release dates so I'm not even guarantee to pick up one of any. Why I hate GameStop first come first serve bullshit .

  4. And I know all both companies want is our money, but at least sony didn't try to treat their fans like imbeciles

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