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PS3 update 3.70 not working?


Every time i try to update to 3.70 it keeps saying an error has occurred during the download operation. it also said suggested actions which said to turn off ur system and router or internet device and after time has passed turn it back i tried that a million times now im trying the pc way with the usb flash drive if that doesnt work ill update this question best answer= more points please help i wanna get back on black ops zombies shangrila btw 15th prestige round 23 so far.

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  1. Hi there ;- Umer S,

    News from PSN (PlayStation Network) that their servers are over flowing because of all the millions of people that are trying to download the newer FW (Firmware) 3.70 so that they can log into PSN (PlayStation Network) so that they can play online, in your case;- Call Of Duty – Black Ops. Normally the people with high speed Internet connection would have no problem downloading it, but this is a case of their server having to many customers.

    If your patient then it’s worth trying again in a few days, if not. You should call them up and they will send you a direct download for the computer, so that you can put it onto the PS3 from a memory stick.

    Hopes this helps!

    S. Edwards

  2. Just keep trying, or try again later. The update JUST went live a couple hours ago, the server load is probably really high.

  3. What I do is before I go to sleep I leave the ps3 on with the update still going, and turn the tv off if an error keeps occurring than it must still have alot of people still trying to update it, and if you haven’t know that Sony has some givaways for the update, just type psn into google and search for news and that will help. If you haven’t updated it in a while maybe thats why its slow.

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