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PS4 Buying Guide & BEST Games!


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PS4 Buying Guide & BEST Games!


  1. how to be a successful game seller

    1. make a good game with not so good graphics
    2.wait a few years
    3.make a remastered version of it

  2. im buyin freakin ps4 for call of duty black ops,watch dogs 2,last of us,uncharted 4 & lastly GTA 5 sucka !! Im so exicited for my next B Day

  3. i think ur wrong that ps3 sucked its still amazing i have one but the ps4 is a bit better and i dont have one because my family cant afford one

  4. You included The Last Of Us Remastered, but didn't include Uncharted – The Nathan Drake Collection?
    What the hell is wrong with you?

  5. i am switching to ps4 because ps3 doesn't have the new games life uncharted 4,watch dogs 2…..and also because of graphics .

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