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PS4 vs. Xbox One: Console Specs


UPDATE: Correction at 4:23 mark. PS4 uses 8GB GDDR5 RAM (Unified). The Xbox One doesn’t have Bluetooth 2.1, but uses Wi-Fi Direct to communicate with controllers. Sorry for the confusion!

From RAM to CPUs, we rundown the tech that’s powering the games of the next-generation. Which console is best for you?

PS4 vs. Xbox One: Console Specs


  1. I like pc more than anything but I have a ps4 because a lot of my friends play ps4. I just like pc because I am able to play max settings and it's a lot cheaper to buy games when steam sells a lot of games for less than 10 dollars.

  2. I was hoping more ram like 16gb for xbox cause games like fallout 4 have dlcs that are laggy for me, not sure why, guessing ram or cup though

  3. this is specs for dumbasses, how many pipelines. shader models, special features of the gpu, clock speed, stream processors, core clock, harddrive read and write speeds….. ive noticed from comparisons of games that ps4 is superior to xbox one.

  4. i like both consoles. i just happened to have gotten a PS4. im am starting to become a PC gamer as well. but lets be honest, all platforms have a flaw. PCs are a bit more complicated and are more likely to crash. (from my experiences) and PCs need more maintenance. Xbox has good frame rate but low resolutions. PS4 has good resolution with frame rates that often drop. And what comes in the box and exclusives are depending on the users preference. SO LETS ALL BE MATURE ABOUT THIS. REAL GAMERS DONT HAVE TIME TO START CONSOLE WARS.

  5. If they can play a game. I say get what you like and stop putting everyone else down for getting what they like. We are all gamers.

  6. dear PS4 fans The only difference is the ram which isn't a big deal when it comes to these consoles plus if your look for good graphics and better ram go with PC and get steam (I have PC and Xbox one so ik what I'm talking about)

  7. ha-ha console peasants join me and PC gaming and ascend to God hood for you are week and I'm mighty with my 64 gigs of ram an overclocked i7 5960x and 4 way SLI destroy 8k resolution at 240 frames per second

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