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Resident Evil 5 Review


Resident Evil 5 Review


  1. cant understand why people complain about the AI in this game so much. its actually of the best companion AI ive ever seen in a game.

  2. Get the Gold Edition! You get all the DLC, better cover art, better disk art, and even the save files look better!

  3. I'm the type of person who loves both type of resident evil games the more action packed games and the more survival/puzzle resident evil games

  4. its still horror survival ign duh.they need to get off that action title crap call of duty series is action mass effect is action  assasins creed series is action halo series is action. point blank.

  5. Why I like RE5 (original PS3 port): 30 fps for cinematic visuals, graphics looked great for a 2009 game, and the real-time item menu and larger groups of enemies make RE5 a fast-paced game

  6. Did protecting the hummer mission get easier or harder. Back then when I played the 360 version I raged quitted that level so hard

  7. This game was my favourite of the RE series in all. Super amazing action with a story driven zombie fetish.
    Yet you always felt like you could fight Back against them.
    Your coop play with your teammate always felt awesome, and you worked together to accomplish your goals.
    RE6's problem was that it made the single player experience silly since the ai partner had no ammo limit, and everyone got item drops, which took away the item management.

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