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Space Invaders: Infinity Gene – Gameplay (PS3)


Space Invaders: Infinity Gene - Gameplay (PS3)

Space Invaders Infinity Gene (360/PS3) - Video Review


  1. Cool, is it only downloadable or does there exist a box of this game? If yes what is the title of the box?

  2. The only thing I dont like about this game is that "music" at 0:38
    The beeping just annoys me
    But other than that, this game is…awesome. Wasn't quite worth $9.99, but came pretty close.

  3. I bought this game two days ago and love it although I had been playing a demo at my job. I just started the music mode and, man, it's pretty fun when you're playing it while Ghost in the Shell's "inner universe" in the background. Very befitting.

  4. I play this game on the iPod right now. I love this game, especially the downloadable ships and levels! ^^

  5. I believe this was the first video of yours I watched ages ago. 🙂
    I never really had much exposure to Space Invaders as a kid, probably only played it once or twice (if that).
    My first experience of SI was SI "Extreme". Then, I played and bought this one.
    Personally, I thought it was alright but nothing special.
    Nice review!

  6. @vintagevideogamegeek That's the Variable ship. It looks pretty cool alright, but man is it a pain to control! I know it's in other games too, but can't think of an example. Shooters generally aren't my expertise to be honest, I enjoy them, but don't know all the ins and outs for sure.

    The weapon has variable ways to shoot, and to adjust the angle you need to move your ship up and down. Good luck getting good aim while avoid everything they throw at you! So hard to master that ship!

  7. @LoVeRiCe4LiFe LOL yeah, had to put one of my stupid deaths in there haha. Thanks for checking it out !

  8. @DJKOZI Haha, you know it's funny. I actually hate that word myself and didn't want to put it in. However while writing the script to use I felt like using shoot 'm up that quickly again would sound dull so I used that instead anyway. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who dislikes the word. I shall not name a game as such again, thanks :)

  9. @SPac316 Thanks man! It's a really good game for old time shooter fans like yourself. However, keep in mind that it strays quite far from actual Space Invaders, it ends up feeling completely different.

  10. @nightbirdds I haven't try the iPhone version either. It can also be played on the iPad, which makes it a lot easier to play on a bigger screen I guess, but I have neither of those devices. I got an Android phone, not many high profile games on there 🙁

    The white level I really didn't like. It's way to hard to see bullets from background and some of that background can kill you too. Not fun! Luckily it's the only level I really can complain about. I think I beat that with the option ship first.

  11. @TanukiKGA I do agree there. This game was made in celebration of the 25 year anniversary of Space Invaders, but it has very little of the old game intact. The UFO's are bout the only thing haha. Space Invaders Extreme is far closer to the source material and more worthy of the name Space Invaders in its name. Overall though, I enjoyed this one more… at least when you're alone.

  12. @xTHExSTIGx Yeah, on the later difficulty settings it can get really hectic! It's also a bit confusing at first, since some things you can fly through and others you can't. Once you got it all figured out and get the patterns down of the different enemies, it's pretty manageable though.

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